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Nightgown with knot, made of bamboo fabric

Nightgown with knot, made of bamboo fabric

₪75.00 Regular Price
₪67.50Sale Price

A nightgown with a knot, made of bamboo fabric, perfect for both boys and girls.

The nightgown is an excellent patent which allows for a diaper change easily and especially during the complex night hours.

The nightgown ties at the bottom of the garment easily, so there is no need in the middle of the night to get entangled in the button down button. The nightgown also comes off easily so you can take it down instead of over your head.

The set for our fabric ribbons can be matched to a perfect outfit.

Our bamboo nightgowns come in black or white.

Rinse with a cold rinse or up to 30 degrees. The color may change slightly on different screens.


New Born, 0-4.5 kg

0-3 months, 4.5-6.5 kg


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