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Premium box

Premium box


Hey   love

If you've already reached my boxes it means you want me to   I'll make you a perfect surprise and I'll make you a box customized according to existing stock   Right now

After purchase within 24 hours I   I will contact you and offer you two service options 

One - you do not know what will be in the surprise box 

Second - yes we will consult together about products that will be inside

In any case, mark me age   And sex of the baby

Dimensions from birth to 3 years 

In case you have an older child feel free to contact us before purchasing because sometimes there are also sizes up to the age of 12 

* Another thing you need to know is that you pay 1000 NIS for a box and receive products worth 1050 NIS and free shipping

* No double discounts

לקוחות אחרות רכשו מוצר זה ביחד עם

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